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Hi All:

The latest testing image is up at:  http://build.laptop.org.au/xo/os/latest/

In this release powerd is closer to the un-modified version 46 rather than
my heavily patched version 44 , with a less aggressive attempt to dim/blank
but with the new modules-inhibits feature added.
  - patches 1,2,4,6,7,8 have been applied during image creation and are
available in the xo-au git repo at:

  - dim set at 45 seconds and blank at 120 seconds.
  - once the kernel module usb_wwan is loaded by the kernel the XO should
not suspend or dim/blank.
  - once the modem disconnects for one minute the the kernel modules should
be removed, thus returning the XO to non-inhibited state.

The image was build with the same dx3 version 16 rpms as au206 with dx3's
sugar rpm renamed to sugar-0.94.1-15.au.noarch.rpm. This is to test the
dextrose auto-updater's ability to update itself, core sugar, core olpc,
and other rpms. The upgrade repo for OLPCAU has been populated with updates
to sugar, and sugar-client, those will be in the final release version of
the image. This is to test how these components react in an on the fly
upgrade situation. Once the XO has been on the internet  for about 5
minutes or so the updates should be applied and the "About my Computer"
applet should be updated. Once this occurs there should be a yum.log file
created in sugar log directory or be in one of the subdirectories of logs
if the XO was rebooted.

Happy testing.


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