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Hola Gonzalo.... ¡feliz año nuevo!

Looks like you have really been thinking this through.... a couple of comments below...in italics so they are easy to find...
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On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 2:57 AM, Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi Scott,
I would love to know more about the Simple Piano Activity. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get to it.  Gonzalo's notes say it is to use with Tam Tam.  It is hard to see how that would work. Is it a divided screen? You really should have access to the controls on the Tam Tam main screen while playing. Can you send me a screenshot?

I think we can use it in TamTam MIni in this way:
* Add a button in the toolbar with two states: show piano keyboard or not.
* If not selected, the screen is like is today. the kid can select different instruments, and use the xo keyboard. 

If the user select show the keyboard, arrange the controls in the left side of the screen, in horizontal at the top of the screen
and show the image of the selected instrument, and below add the keyboard.
Good.... I suggest you also make it so they can click on the chosen instrument icon and the instrument choices screen will appear. Then have it go back automatically to the screen with the keyboard when they click an "OK" or "done" button
I think will be useful for touch devices and to do easier to understand the use of the xo keyboard as a instrument.

The keyboard in the screen can show  the letters in the xo keyboard,
The letters on the XO keyboard have no relation to the music note names. In fact they are in conflict. For example, C plays an E and B plays a G while D plays a D#, G plays F# ... pity the poor musicians in the crowd! No wonder they are confused.  If you want to relate the keyboards I suggest you do it with a blank XO keyboard with the notes used to play like a keyboard instrument colored in 2 contrasting colors... similar to the one in Sdenka Salas' book, but without all the confusing info. In fact, I have been trying to develop a cheap, simple keyboard overlay for the XO that would do just that... physically.
 the notes in the american (german) notation,
or the notation used in spain, and south america (DO, RE, MI....)
The Do, Re, Mi... systen is very useful for people to learn.  That is one of the reasons I included it in my little FLOSS manual.  The concept of a "movable Do" is also useful... allowing singers to, in essence, transpose into any key. They should eventually also learn the regular note names and the concept of "tonic-dominant-seventh-etc" but that can come later.
Did you see my email about the Tam Tam FLOSS manual I have been working on? It has links so you can go take a look at it.  I'll forward a copy to all of you in a separate email.  It shows some of the things that can be done with Tam Tam.  I tried most of them with students at the Montana school where there is a small CP project and with a group of adults in a workshop at the SF Summit. 

The main difficulty with Tam Tam is actually the use of the XO keyboard with the letters on it that don't match up with the note names. 
Is true, but match the position of the keys in a piano keyboard. 

Try playing any melody in a computer keyboard using the letters as notes and is impossible.

Right!  Check out my little FLOSS manual!  


People with no musical experience have little difficulty. Musicians, even with just a few piano lessons, get very confused.
This is the reason I haven't moved the FLOSS manual to the "publish" status yet.  My granddaughter (a 13-year-old violinist) suggested I add an Appendix with all of the musical examples written out in standard notation for people who already read music. I will have to wait until after SCaLE 10X to find time to do it. 

There is also a free CC copyright class right after SCaLE on Moodle for Wikieducators  that I thought would be useful to take before working on the musical examples.
Keep me posted on what you decide to do with Tam Tam and other musical Activities. I am very interested!

 Thanks, Caryl

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> > Hi Folks,
> >
> > I don't know exactly who to send this to, so maybe someone who reads it will
> > know and pass it along.  While working on materials for playing songs on the
> > XO-1 using Tam Tam Mini and Tam Tam Jam for a Contributors Program project I

> > am helping,  it occurred to me that it should be fairly easy to provide a
> > standard black and white piano-type keyboard screen image to use on the new
> > XO-3.  This would eliminate the frustrating process of translating musical

> > notes from their normal letter names (eg cdefgabc) to the names of the
> > corresponding keys on the xo keyboard (eg zxcvbnm).
> >
> > So my question is... will the Tam Tam suite of Activities be included in the

> > Sugar build for the XO-3?  Have you programmed a musical keyboard screen
> > image yet?  If not, I strongly suggest one be included in your plans.
> I'm hacking on http://git.sugarlabs.org/simplepiano at the moment, but

> I agree that Tam Tam is a better long term solution.
>  --scott
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>       ( http://cscott.net )


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