[Testing] When the new OS is installed on the OLPC, It does not boot with default English language.

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Hi Lahiru,

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> Description:
> When the new OS is installed on the OLPC, It does not boot with default English language. It boots with Spanish language. Then it has to be changed to English language by using “My settings”.

This is the expected behaviour if your XOs manufacturing data was set to Spanish language. Every time you do a clean re-install the original shipped language is selected by the Open Firmware. There are a number of such strings stored in SPI Flash memory, for more details have a look at:


The data is also copied over into the filesystem so it's reasonably easy to view. Use the Terminal activity to look at the small files in /ofw/mfg-data, the above wiki page will show what each file contains, e.g. if you type:

    cat /ofw/mfg-data/LA; echo

...you should see a short string representing the country code, on an XO that defaults to the English language it will be something like "USA", and for an XO that defaults to Spanish language it might read something like "ESP".

Use this to check if your machine is indeed originally manufactured with The Spanish language as the initial default.


>  Steps to Recreate:
> 1.      Using local PC download  latest installation file from "http://build.laptop.org/10.2.0/" and http://dev.laptop.org/pub/firmware/
> 2.      Format the USB using FAT32 and put file in to the USB
> 3.      Plug the USB and Power on the OLPC
> 4.      When hear the music press Esc button. when it is comes to the "OK prompt" type "disable-security" and press Enter button
> 5.      When it is comes to the "OK prompt" type "flash u:\Q3A50.ROM"
> 6.      Reboot the OLPC
> 7.      Type "fs-update u:\OS851.ZD" on OK prompt.
> 8.      After installation type on the "OK Prompt" "reboot"
> 9.      Check the language after reboot the OLPC.
> Actual Result:
> After performed the above tasks, the OLPC boots in Spanish language.
> Expected Result:
> The default language should be English.
> Tested Environment:
> Machine Type: XO 1.5
> Build: OS 851
> Firmware: Q3A50
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