[Testing] Need help on customizing the TRAC bug Tracker

Karthika Karunanithy kar8315 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 07:35:17 EDT 2010

Hi James,
This is regarding TRAC bug tracker. We are using sugar bug tracker for the bug reporting. 
I have noticed some values which we need for our bug reporting are missing in the current drop down list for some fields.  Can you please do the necessary changes to the fields?
Need to add the following values to the relevant fields(in bold)

Type: Suggestions, Clarifications
Components: Initial Installation, Booting, Antenna,Charging, Screen, Audio, Suspend, Touch pad, OLPC indicators, Key board, Game buttons, Lid, Wireless, Finance, Social cal Activity, Distance, Words, Scratch, Stop Watch
Bug Status: Accepted, Reopened, Closed                     
 Appreciate if you can do the needful.
Thanks & Regards,
Karthika K.

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