[Testing] Testing summary - Wellington New Zealand, 3 July 2010

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sun Jul 11 21:16:06 EDT 2010

On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 05:11:57PM +1200, Tabitha Roder wrote:
> Attempted to test build 205 on XO-1.5 but fails to install -
> The MD5SUM is
> f5e2f09997466a22a51c20d7d6357bac  os205.zd
> I'm not sure if the problem is that my download was corrupt, or if the file is
> corrupt on the server?

Your download is wrong somehow, the md5sum does not match.  Here's what
is on the server:

2ff1bd4eeb6d4604e40ab2ab9d68e4d4  os205.zd

Check the length of the file.  It should be 739719036 bytes.  If it is
smaller, on Linux you can "wget --continue" the download, (cd to a
directory that contains your partial file first) and then check the
md5sum again once download finishes.  This always works for me when I've
a prematurely terminated download.

For the record, here are the md5sums of recent 1.5 builds:

1f4326e4ea07d5a5f64c2838e94c8bc3  os120.zd
275849d9747610eabaad80632d49ca20  os121.zd
7636bd31aba3b9939d1143eaeb7d0ffc  os122.zd
14ed38da201cb724f2826375c8c1899e  os123.zd
189bef95af431dfcf950c9666aa147ac  os124.zd
e77e3a113c2392822e928fbd485ac7a1  os125.zd
b846f04bd3724f24eb0e2ef0e225486c  os126.zd
7fec7148fc48bd6a8851ec7768074718  os200.zd
f9df0c8a3e189bacd9e189bd56c32f24  os201.zd
22503cc71af8d23bdd071e7585a9fa00  os202.zd
6aeb4bbd964cd0f6bf029fef502536c4  os203.zd
235b1d24c31c0e2895b61f0a800db740  os204.zd
2ff1bd4eeb6d4604e40ab2ab9d68e4d4  os205.zd
a5811dddb5f27364d81c28cfc6e4b709  os206.zd

James Cameron

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