[Testing] a random focus group testing

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sun Jul 4 20:58:37 EDT 2010


A nearby outback family visited me.  The kids played on the XO-1.5's
with os205 ... and I asked them to tell me anything that goes wrong.

1.  male, age 5,

- caused Speak text entry widget to display history as a result of an
  accidental click, the history took up the entire screen, but child
  could not figure out how to get out of the history, typing text did
  nothing ... escape key did it, or click on the widget input area,

- lost in Turtle Art, could not find stop button, ... needed to switch
  tabs first,

- InfoSlicer, not clear how to proceed, not age appropriate, needed
  again to be shown how to use Stop,

- TamTamMini, was able to generate excessive audio to cause crackling in

2.  female, age 7-8,

- could not exit the Scratch activity, no stop button, ... needed to be
  shown how to use File/Quit,

- Speak in robot interactive mode, stopped responding to input, "8" was
  the input, ... needed to be shown how to move on and type something

- Speak, wanted to make it sound like a girl but could not figure out

3.  male, age 10,

- convinced Speak in robot mode to continuously utter speech, but we've
  no idea how he did it.

While the above are negative points, the laptops did keep the kids
entertained for a couple of hours, so there must be some positives
there.  ;-)

James Cameron

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