[Testing] Displaying testing metrics in motivating ways

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Thu Nov 20 09:00:37 EST 2008

> Mel Chua wrote:
> 2. What tools can we construct/repurpose/use to automate #1?

I created a Google Docs spreadsheet for test results and put some actual 
test case results in it, see 

There's an editable version, see

* You can indeed make a fill-in form that adds a row to a spreadsheet, 
but I didn't get that to work reliably, let alone automatically add date 
of test, username, etc.  Ideally a test case would have a button that 
takes you to the form/spreadsheet, adds a new row, and pre-fills as much 
as it can.

>> 1. Which data/metrics do our stakeholders want to see? In what format, 
>> with what frequency?
* What metrics do you want?
The only one I see on that wiki page is a count of test runs for each 
activity.  Maybe a graph of testing activity.

I wish I could remember the person with whom I discussed this at OLPC, 
they said they were an Excel wizard.

Maybe we can talk about this in the meeting?


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