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Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Thu Mar 27 08:55:20 EDT 2008

Hi Charles,

   > Consider adding it the the GObject functions.  Call a new
   > gobject.dump_main_context() and get a huge Python data structure
   > back.

You're describing at-spi¹, which is an accessibility framework that
provides introspection on GUI widgets.  There's an existing GUI test
framework called Dogtail², written in Python, that uses the widget data
from at-spi in order to allow easy addressing of widgets for writing
GUI tests for GTK apps.

It would be a great project for someone to look into what it takes
to get Dogtail working on the XO.  It has some gnarly dependencies
(bonobo, corba..) but there wouldn't be a need to put them in every
build, just builds that we want to run a test harness against.


- Chris.

  ¹:  http://developer.gnome.org/projects/gap/
  ²:  http://people.redhat.com/zcerza/dogtail/
Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>

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