[Testing] Reminder: Community testing meeting 12/04/08 at 2300 UTC, #olpc-meeting

Mel Chua mel at laptop.org
Thu Dec 4 02:14:56 EST 2008

Hi, everyone!

It's that time of week again - time to take over the worl- I mean, time 
to gather 'round for our weekly community testing meeting! Remember that 
our new, 1-hour-later meeting time takes effect starting this week, so 
it's 2300 UTC / 6pm EST in #olpc-meeting.

As usual, the agenda is at 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Community_testing_meetings/2008-11-20 - please 
add things if there's stuff you want the whole community test group to 
chime in on in real-time. Also, check out 

If you're pressed for time, you can stop reading now. This meeting is a 
little different from the ones we've had before, though - so please read 
on if you can.

I'm always trying to improve this meeting so that it's the best use of 
everybody's time. At any given moment in the meeting hour, everyone 
should be engaged and getting something out of it - with all the work 
you're putting in, it's the least we can do to try to make that happen. 
Conversely, it means that if you're there and don't announce yourself as 
a lurker, I'm going to assume you're listening and /want/ to be 
constantly engaged, and act accordingly. ;)

What this means for this week is that I'm going to try pinging people 
individually for status updates and blocker-busting wishlists for their 
projects, since that's usually a two-party conversation that leaves the 
rest of the room idle. (I'll make sure that project status updates hit 
this mailing list - ditto for "how to run a testing party" stuff, let me 
know if there's something I've forgotten.) Instead of status updates, 
we'll spend our time on decision-making, discussions, reviews, and 
brainstorms - things that really need the whole group present. We'll 
exercise the Law of Two Feet (you read the link above, right?) If you 
have something that could benefit from the whole group going at it at 
once, please add it to the agenda as well; we'll find some way to make 
time and still end within an hour.

Let's see how that goes for this week and then adjust accordingly - I'll 
be around for half an hour before and after the meeting for feedback, to 
chat, for questions, and... whatever else (my default mode is "telling 
bad math jokes," so please come give me something else to do).

Your friendly neighborhood 1cc-QA-hax0r,


PS: Remember folks, it's literally my *job* to serve you and make sure 
you can do what *you* want to do within OLPC testing. Please take 
advantage of this and ask for stuff you want! (I think I'm out of ponies 
this week, but I might have an extra dragon.)

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