[sugar] Tagged Journal Proposal

C. Scott Ananian cscott at laptop.org
Tue Sep 23 14:05:55 EDT 2008

A hand-drawn proposal for what a Journal supporting "directory
traversal" as well as tag space exploration is in the attached PDF.
Discussion welcome!

The UI exposes a "slash separated ordered tag" mechanism in some
places, although the slashes are light grey and designed not to be
obtrusive.  Most users should not need to use them.

As in GMail, UI actions which affect the current search are reflected
as terms in the search bar, allowing kids to learn how to do more
effective searches of their journal.

SJ suggested that the current 'list view' that I've drawn might be
pluggable: you might want to provide alternate means to visualize the
results of the search.  I'm not certain exactly where the 'views' drop
down belongs; I've put some views in the tab bar for now, but I don't
think that's the right place.  Views might include 'list', 'grid',
'sunflower', and 'GCompris' and 'MaMaMedia', which would allow those
collection authors to provide views which allow custom navigation of
searches (for example, of the search "Activities/GCompris").

Comments, flames, and discussion welcome!

 ( http://cscott.net/ )
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