[sugar] A few thoughts on SugarLabs

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Fri May 16 14:30:59 EDT 2008

Recently, I've encountered several people who seem to be looking for
perspective on the relationship between OLPC and SugarLabs. I'd like
to offer a few thoughts for them to chew on:

  1. Sugar is good enough to be interesting to lots of people in the
     world, in particular, people who don't have XOs. 

  2. In order to reach more people, Sugar needs to be "natively
     accessible", e.g. by being packaged for their favorite
     distributions (and operating systems, as we start looking at the
     larger world).

  3. We would like more contributions; even if some of them do not fit
     with the user experience we want to provide on the XO. SugarLabs is
     a fine place to capture many kinds of contributions.

  4. Finally, insofar as OLPC and its partners continue to pay the
     salaries of Sugar developers, supply useful infrastructure, and
     represent the largest chunk of the Sugar install base, OLPC and
     its partners will continue to have a lot of say in the development
     of Sugar.



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