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Sat Aug 19 12:58:37 EDT 2017

On Aug 19, 2017 12:50 PM, "tim" <tim at timmoody.com> wrote:

Hm. Way sooner than I expected.

But does it work?

Could mean coovachili works, if the packages are there.

More Detail in the blog post (



The default user account in Raspbian has always been called ‘pi’, and a lot
of the desktop applications assume that this is the current user. This has
been changed for Stretch, so now applications like Raspberry Pi
Configuration no longer assume this to be the case. This means, for
example, that the option to automatically log in as the ‘pi’ user will now
automatically log in with the name of the current user instead.

One other change is how sudo is handled. By default, the ‘pi’ user is set
up with passwordless sudo access. We are no longer assuming this to be the
case, so now desktop applications which require sudo access will prompt for
the password rather than simply failing to work if a user without
passwordless sudo uses them."

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Tim does this help Captive Portal implementation?

In any case, this is a major change from the underlying Debian 8.x to
Debian 9.x.

Raspbian "Pixel" appears to have been renamed "WITH DESKTOP" to avoid

Raspbian "LITE" retains that name (no X Windows desktop).

Release notes:

  * Based on Raspbian Stretch (Debian version 9)
  * Version 60 of Chromium browser included
  * Version 3.0.1 of Sonic Pi included
  * Version 6.1.1 of RealVNC included
  * Version 0.17.4 of NodeRED included
  * Bluetooth audio routed via ALSA rather than Pulseaudio
  * SenseHAT extension added to Scratch 2
  * Various desktop applications modified to prompt for sudo password if needed
  * lxinput control options for mouse speed simplified
  * lxpanel plugins moved into separate packages
  * Wireless firmware for Pi 3 and Pi 0W modified to address Broadpwn exploit
  * Latest kernel and firmware
  * Various small tweaks, bug fixes and theme modifications

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