[Server-devel] Raspbian Stretch Released

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat Aug 19 12:46:29 EDT 2017

Tim does this help Captive Portal implementation?

In any case, this is a major change from the underlying Debian 8.x to
Debian 9.x.

Raspbian "Pixel" appears to have been renamed "WITH DESKTOP" to avoid

Raspbian "LITE" retains that name (no X Windows desktop).

Release notes:

  * Based on Raspbian Stretch (Debian version 9)
  * Version 60 of Chromium browser included
  * Version 3.0.1 of Sonic Pi included
  * Version 6.1.1 of RealVNC included
  * Version 0.17.4 of NodeRED included
  * Bluetooth audio routed via ALSA rather than Pulseaudio
  * SenseHAT extension added to Scratch 2
  * Various desktop applications modified to prompt for sudo password if needed
  * lxinput control options for mouse speed simplified
  * lxpanel plugins moved into separate packages
  * Wireless firmware for Pi 3 and Pi 0W modified to address Broadpwn exploit
  * Latest kernel and firmware
  * Various small tweaks, bug fixes and theme modifications

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