[Server-devel] rpi - 2 questions

Tim Moody tim at timmoody.com
Tue Mar 22 10:25:38 EDT 2016

The xsce rpi2 images are pretty much there based on
https://www.kraxel.org/repos/rpi2/ But there are two decisions still


1) fsck on rootfs


Kraxel had in /etc/fstab


UUID=1a57e552-0bae-4a16-9705-12d51e12db05 / ext4 noatime 0 0


but I have noticed error messages about lost inodes when I mount this
partition on another machine and was thinking of changing to


UUID=1a57e552-0bae-4a16-9705-12d51e12db05 / ext4 noatime 1 1 


which would force fsck on each boot, but add a delay.  an alternative would
be to document the use of touch /forcefsck to force it only on the next


Is changing fstab a good idea and is there a better one?  My inclination is
to make the change rather than rely on someone to force fsck.


2) kernel


Kraxel had 4.4.1, now upgradable to 4.4.6




has 4.1.20 and seems a bit more official, but there is no repo I can find,
so no dnf update.


My inclination is to stick with Kraxel, but I am open to suggestions.


Another factor is that rpi3 will need the device tree from
raspberrypi/firmware and possibly other files, but this is not very relevant
until they get a 64bit kernel and linux.




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