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Tim Moody tim at timmoody.com
Fri Jun 13 10:34:31 EDT 2014

One thing I didn’t say is that I expect my personal master, both local and in origin, always to be identical to upstream master.  I always create a personal branch in local and origin for development and don’t develop on my master.  I then rebase that branch before any PR.

I have a bunch of old PRs that are now pretty out of sync.  I was thinking of doing what you describe, isolate the code changes and put them into a new branch off master.  Probably there are ways to do this with patches.

My (windows) scripts are

to sync master

cd \gitroot\xsce
git checkout master
git fetch -u --all
git rebase upstream/master
git push origin master
git checkout -

At this point local and origin master should be identical to upstream.  So to rebase my current branch from synced master

cd \gitroot\xsce
git rebase master


From: George Hunt 
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Ok, I agree. My history and flubs don't belong in our collective history. I don't think rebasing my branch on an up to date master, gets rid of all the mistakes I made during role development. 

But a thing I can try is to copy off a completed role (but not the hidden git index) to a place outside the local git repo, make a new branch off of master and check it out. Then copy back in the completed role, commit, and then create the PR on the new branch. All the real (painful) history goes away when I delete the old branch.

On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 11:30 PM, Tim Moody <tim at timmoody.com> wrote:

  My impression is that PRs are always against a branch on our personal repos.  They are public in the sense that anyone can read them, but private in that only we can write to them.  Private repos for both read and write cost money.  So the link I put in the agenda was just what the eventual PR will be.

  I raised the problem with history back when we all agreed to rebase our person branches before creating PRs.  But I am now convinced that it is the only way to go as otherwise things can get very messy.  Basically rebasing guarantees that our personal changes are placed after the commits to master in the upstream repo.  I am also less interested in the commit history because we have way too much of it and seldom go back to it.


  From: George Hunt 
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  To: Tim Moody ; Curt Thompson ; Jerry Vonau 
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  Subject: workflow

  I bought a book about git. 

  I'm particularly interested in prettying up my commit history.  I've been using my github account to move code I edit on my laptop to my test xo, and 2/3 of the changes are fixing logic errors or typos.

  I read that one should not rebase  (and thereby edit the history) if anyone else is likely to (want to) pull or push to the public repo.

  I noticed that Tim pointed people to his personal repo for testing his reorganization in the google doc this morning.

  My question: Is our personal clone of xsce on github public or private?

  I think we can go either way. But I think it would be better if we agreed, and knew more than I do about the implications of either choice.
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