[Server-devel] [support-gang] 32(+) XO-1's on Mesh Potato 2 as AP on XSCE

Tim Moody tim at timmoody.com
Thu Apr 17 02:58:40 EDT 2014

As far as I know the implementation of ejabberd on xsce was a straight port from xs 0.7, so I wouldn't have expected a bug to have been introduced, but it is speculation either way.  All we know is that what Nathan observes was not previously reported as a bug.
Still, it is an annoyance.  So the question is, what is the event that causes sugar to remove an icon from the NN and how does it arise.  If it is a poll of ejabberd then we should investigate, regardless of whether it is a new bug or an old one.
> Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 15:09:16 +1000
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> Subject: Re: [support-gang] 32(+) XO-1's on Mesh Potato 2 as AP on XSCE
> On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 12:54:30AM -0400, Nathan C. Riddle wrote:
> > Hopefully, later XSCE (ejabberd) version has corrected issue of
> > falsely persistent icons in neighborhood.  Not AP model related
> > (same on TP Link).
> We don't know that this is an ejabberd problem yet, it could be a
> problem with Sugar.  It would require deeper investigation.
> > Any comments by XSCE development team ?
> You can write to them at
> xsce-devel at googlegroups.com
> There's also
> server-devel at lists.laptop.org
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