[Server-devel] Attempting to upgrade XO 1.5 firmware. Says "activation lease not found"

Kevin Cole dc.loco at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 10:58:45 EDT 2013

Unfixable bug: I'm an idiot, sometimes.

I don't know if it's typical, but I often find that the USB port on
the left side of the screen doesn't seem to work as nicely as the ones
on the right.  A fact that I forget, because I so rarely use the USB
ports. As per Mr. Drake's request, the exact messages I saw before
failure were (unless I made another stupid typo copying):

   Trying disk:\fs.zip
   Trying disk:\fs1.zip
   Trying ext:\fs.zip
   Trying ext:\fs1.zip
   Trying NANDblaster
   Boot device /dropin-fs:nb15_rx Arguments: ssid:OLPC-NANDblaster
   Scan for: OLPC-NANDblaster not found
   Can't open network

which I hadn't tried to interpret the first time. I noticed
"NANDblaster" and remembered reading something about the firmware
fixing NANDblaster, and went on a wild goose chase the first time

This time less, rushed than yesterday, and armed with suggestions from
the list, I tried the same USB thumb drive on the one of the USB ports
on the right, and voila: away it went on its reflashing.

Next up, the XSCE, which looks pretty straightforward, given that I've
done stuff with RPMs for many years.

So, apologies and thanks to all.

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