[Server-devel] XSCE update

David Farning dfarning at activitycentral.com
Fri Jul 5 15:22:46 EDT 2013

This has been another interesting week for the XSCE.

Technically -- The biggest advancement as been translating XSCE to Ansible
( http://www.ansibleworks.com/ )

For the past couple of months, George, Jerry, and Tim have been busy
modularizing the server into a series of services and plugins. This
modularizing has set the stage for the translating XSCE to ansible.  As a
proof of concept Santi has translated about 25% of the current plugins.

Outreach, User Requirements -- AC started a discussion on the value of
OpenVPN, remote management, and the need for someone to provide an openVPN
server as a service to the community. Several people, especially James, add
valuable thoughts to the thread. -- thanks James.

Sprint preparations -- The quarterly XSCE ( http://schoolserver.org/ )
sprint kicks off next week in Winnipeg, Canada. Please stay posted for:
- Daily email updates on these lists.
- Constant chatter on IRC #schoolserver channel.
- A daily voice call via skype. Details to follow.
- A wrapup unleashkids hangout. Details to follow.

A good old fashioned bake off -- In other interesting news, I am hearing an
increase in talk about OLPC-AU's One Network project. Maybe we can get some
examples of XSCE, OLPC-XS 0.7, One Network, and Dextrose Server together in
one place for a bake off :)

On a serious note, this is awesome for XSCE. We can:
1. Work like hell to be the best foundation for these projects. The way the
linux kernel has become the goto kernel for many downstreams.
2. Try to be fair and balanced so that downstreams collaborate on the
common core while competing on value adds. The way android has become the
platform of choice for many phone and tablet vendors.
David Farning
Activity Central: http://www.activitycentral.com
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