[Server-devel] XS to become XSCE???

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Tue Aug 6 22:15:36 EDT 2013

Typo fixed below!

"Anyway for all the above reasons everyone is welcome to join
xsce-devel at googlegroups.com if they want a low-flame environment, to work
on the hard human problems around school server communities of all kind!"
(Again just sent me a short note why you care about school server
communities, and consider it done!!)

On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 10:12 PM, Adam Holt <holt at laptop.org> wrote:

> I shouldn't have to write a paragraph...
> There are many bibles in this world naturally.  I go with proven
> experience ------- asking volunteers to write a friendly paragraph has
> proven to be the singlemost effective community-building tool in my 6 years
> with OLPC, as people in the almost 300-volunteer
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Support_Gang community remind me every day.  It
> increases friendly communications and brings fantastically thoughtful
> dialogue as documented by open source practices here --- to keep both a
> public and an intimate side to all creative communities:
> https://www.theopensourceway.org/wiki/Communities_of_practice#Develop_both_public_and_private_community_spaces
> My urban planning community design friends were my inspiration for this
> lucky success we've achieved here.  Alongside beautiful public gardens
> (like server-devel at lists.laptop.org) the singlemost effective tool that
> I've found to help deployments, and build constructive communities, is to
> nurture a friendly and intimate space (similar to Walter & Claudia's great
> weekly learning meetups on irc, and Australia's
> https://www.yammer.com/australianxoteachers/) precisely for the central
> reasons Sameer lays out so clearly below.  In short, teachers and
> deployment folks especially, deeply needing compassion, de-escalating
> public drama, serving the global good without their 9-5 boss interfering,
> and avoiding the everpresent "MALE" list culture so common in certain
> parts.  That stifling mailing list culture that Chris Ball powerfully
> reminds us crowds out female & shy participation by those who keep grabbing
> the megaphone to seize their moment global stage.  Real deployment work
> begins patiently on the phone, as Daniel Drake explains better than all.
> The next steps are private and public forums, for all the reasons Sameer
> lays out:
> and if you all
>> haven't caught on as yet, we are *not* dealing with a technology
>> problem! This business of building a dozen different server projects
>> is a people problem.
> Anyway for all the above reasons everyone who is welcome to join
> xsce-devel at googlegroups.com if they want a low-flame environment, to work
> on the hard human problems around school server communities of all kind!
> We are 30 people and haven't had to kick out any loudmouths yet, and
> hopefully we never will have to.  I do remember when I was 10 years old
> when I too refused to write a paragraph for any teacherm N.osy S.illy
> A.uthority, etc -- so I understand Sameer's preternatural nervousness
> perfectly.  But writing a paragraph won't kill any of us I've concluded.
> In fact blogging might save us all, according to Bernie Innocenti who
> explained this to me eloquently -- around http://planet.laptop.org 's
> wonderful diversity of opinions!  So all who want a deployment-level
> discussion of school server communities, XSCE,
> http://internet-in-a-box.org etc, just send me any couple sentences on
> why you care and that's all there is to it ------- sure I don't promise
> you'll meet lifelong soul mates, but Let's Say You Just Might :-)

Unsung Heroes of OLPC, interviewed live @ http://unleashkids.org !
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