[Server-devel] Server rec for Kasiisi (Brian Ghidinelli)

Tony Anderson tony at olenepal.org
Wed Jul 25 11:18:45 EDT 2012

Hi Brian,

The MSI Wind has provided satisfactory service for many years in Nepal 
and Rwanda. It is designed as a home theater server.

On Amazon,

MSI 6676-001BUS 379.98
4GB Ram         100.99
2TB Hard Drive  129.98

This is up from $350 on my last purchase of this configuration a year 
ago! There is no advantage in buying the three items from the same 
source other than convenience. With 400 XOs to connect, try to get the 
most memory you can, 4GB. The hard drive provides storage for software 
(20GB), content (currently less than 50GB), and storage for the Journals 
on the XOS (e.g. 400X250MB). The MSI operates on 12vdc (like a laptop 
from an AC adapter - which works at 110 and 220 vac).

The MSI has one ethernet port so that connection to the internet (WAN) 
will require a usb-ethernet adapter. Also, it is not possible to make a 
headless install on the MSI so that a monitor (vgb) and a keyboard (usb) 
will be needed to install XS.

The school should have a router per classroom not so much for signal 
strength as keeping the number of connections per router at 40 or less.

George Hunt (georgejhunt at gmail.com) has been working with the FitPC 
which looks like a viable alternative - particularly with the inflation 
in pricing for the MSI.


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