[Server-devel] Fwd: [somos-azucar] Información en Inglés sobre OLPC + Chamilo

Yannick Warnier ywarnier at chamilo.org
Tue Jul 17 13:00:42 EDT 2012

Thanks Chris,

I'm on this list too (since very recently), so if you have comments or
questions, feel free to let me know.

I'm particularly interested in knowing how the POST and Cookie
information is built on Sugar before being sent to the Moodle server.
This is information I haven't been able to find (I've asked on IRC but
my partial connexion time prevented me to ensure I got an answer).

So far, my guess is that the Sugar browser always sends its XO ID
through POST (on all requests), but that seems very strange to me. The
other possibility is that there would be a JavaScript-based script on a
first school server page and that this one would fill the information,
but that also seems strange.



Le mardi 17 juillet 2012 à 11:27 -0400, Chris Leonard a écrit :
> FYI,
> Translation of posting to somosazucar re Chamillo as alternative to
> Modle for XS server.
> cjl
> Sugar Labs Transaltion Team Coordinator
> Hello,
> During and after the event on Saturday in Escuelab, wrote a
> document in English on the OLPC project and its combination with
> Chamilo project (and obviously information on Moodle as this
> has a few things about our brand new project andelantadas Chamilo).
> I share the link for those who would be interested.
> http://support.chamilo.org/projects/chamilo-18/wiki/Chamilo_and_OLPC
> Regards,
> Yannick
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> From: Yannick Warnier <yannick.warnier at beeznest.com>
> Date: 2012/7/17
> Subject: [somos-azucar] Información en Inglés sobre OLPC + Chamilo
> To: somosazucar at lists.sugarlabs.org
> Hola,
> Durante y después del evento del Sábado en Escuelab, escribí un
> documento en Inglés sobre el proyecto OLPC y su combinación con el
> proyecto Chamilo (y obviamente información sobre Moodle ya que este
> tiene unas cosas andelantadas sobre nuestro nuevecito proyecto Chamilo).
> Les comparto el enlace por los que estarían interesados.
> http://support.chamilo.org/projects/chamilo-18/wiki/Chamilo_and_OLPC
> Saludos,
> Yannick
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