[Server-devel] Soliciting Test scripts for remote XS assistance, and my education

George Hunt georgejhunt at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 05:25:45 EST 2012

Hi everyone,

Recently, I tried to help a person in the Philippines to get an XS up and
running. I wasn't happy with the inefficiency of question-answer via email,
even to get the most basic information.

I would like to set up a git repository at laptop.org where we can all
contribute our useful scripts.  One of the things I'd like to contribute is
a script for collecting XS config/status, and zipping it up so that a local
contributor can email basic information more easily.

I'd be happy to try to stitch everyone's contributions together into one or
a few packages. I'd be interested to hear ideas of what functions or
organization might be most useful.

I'm suggesting this because recently I've been struggling to get named
functioning first on NE-AU, and yesterday on XS-0.7.  I've checked out lots
of things, but I don't do this often enough to remember all the details
that have to be right. As I spend the time to educate myself about named, I
need to write something down, maybe even in bash script form, that will
automate, and remind me next year, the setup/config process. Maybe we can
all help educate one another.

As a side question, who should I email to get permissions to set up a git
repository on laptop.org?

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