[Server-devel] ejabberd-2.1.10 issues

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Wed Feb 8 17:40:22 EST 2012


With the XS rebase to CentOS6.2, EPEL-6 brought us ejabberd-2.1.8.
We found an issue that the Online group cannot be marked as @online@
correctly. Upgrading to ejabberd-2.1.10 (from EPEL6-testing) fixes

However, there is a regression with collaboration: presence doesn't work right.

I tried downgrading to the old ejabberd-xs package, but it needs a
rebuild, and after some hassle of getting it to build, it crashes on
launch. Looks like it is not compatible with the new erlang in EL6:

So, I think we have to look into the ejabberd-2.1.10 issue.

The issue in question: When an XO connects to the network, it does not
"see" any buddies that are already on the network. However, when new
buddies join, it will see them.

With 2 XOs, A and B:

A sees B
B does not see A
- restart B
A sees B
B does not see A
- restart A
A does not see B
B sees A

In the cases when an XO connects to the network with existing clients,
the XO *is* told about the existence of the other clients, but it
receives an empty dictionary from the OLPC BuddyInfo telepathy

The Sugar code specifically waits for the 'key' to arrive before
displaying the icon for the buddy (I guess the key is used for
collaboration), hence the buddy does not appear.

I'll keep looking into this; debugging tips welcome.


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