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David Leeming david at leeming-consulting.com
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I have this all working following these instructions:




In my case I used mysql. All working and I can access the wiki from an XO as




All good. We're now able to upload content to Moodle and mediwiki as
appropriately, on the same machine. You might ask  why we need both, well
it's explained in the background info below.


Were now working on lesson plans to guide teachers and students in creating
local language content about the environment in many formats using the XOs
where available and SOAS and other means in schools without OLPC. The server
is available to several schools around Marovo Lagoon over a wireless WAN.
Teachers will collaborate on creating lesson plans using a great tool in the
WikiEducator, which uses templates.


More here (note it will all be divided into Marovo/English).



David Leeming

Solomon Islands Rural Link 


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Things may have moved forward a bit since this useful document was shared on
this list.


I have tried to follow the instructions and installed mediawiki (without
texlive) and mysql using yum install, but

(a)    In the attached document, MySQL Preparation, the stated directories
i.e. /usr/local/mysql/* do not exist. 

(b)   There seem to be instances of the packages in /usr/bin but the command

/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u <root password> <mypassword>

gives error 

"Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket
'/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)'

Something has changed with the XS or does this show my installation has some


Background to his - I'm working on a project involving an OLPC pilot in
Solomons, rural community and schools wi-fi network, and a UNESCO indigenous
knowledge management project. To cut things short, we need to have mediawiki
running on the same server as the XS. Then students using specially prepared
lesson plans will create local language multimedia content for a wiki. For
various reasons moderation is needed, and we also want to reduce any
barriers to creativity and participation so a local wiki as well as the XS
will be needed for user uploads (content contributions for the wiki)



David Leeming

Solomon Islands Rural Link 


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I've attached a how to install mediawiki paper written by an OLPCorps member
CC'd here. 


Please report back your experiences.





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