[Server-devel] News forum and user database

David Leeming david at leeming-consulting.com
Tue May 4 05:18:42 EDT 2010

I have two questions, we are deploying at a school in PNG this week.


1)      What is the easiest way to take home with us (i.e. on a flash-drive)
a copy of the user database with names and serial numbers of XOs registered
on the XS? Where is the database?

2)      What is the expected behaviour of the default news forum on the XS
Moodle front page? We registered an admin XO and then a load of users. I
tried to add a news announcement using the admin XO. It appears on the admin
XO but none of the users. In an earlier test with another XS I noticed this,
and went into the forum settings and forced everyone to be subscribed and
tried other options but I could not get it to display the forum postings on
the user XOs.

3)      What sort of data would people find useful from the server
performance? We have a small form factor eBox as the server (sorry I don't
have manufacturer details, I will try and get them) with five access points
distributed around the school. Situation is that there are initially only 61
students (G3 and G4 - PNG primary schools start with G3) and 8 teachers with
XOs, but on saturation we will have 170 students (may have to add another AP
or two). So this week we can test how 70 XOs perform in that environment. We
will have them in two Moodle groups with the presence service split my group
(G3 and G4).

Note on power consumption: We have ascertained that the eBox uses 14W and
the whole set up runs at 45W. In this school they have daytime power but in
the other 12 we are doing they will need solar power.


David Leeming


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