[Server-devel] XO Registration Failed with XS

ganesh gajre ganeshgajre at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 10:49:14 EDT 2010


I am trying to register my xo's with the school server we setup at our
place, from which  some XO's got  registered with XS, but some are failed to

The steps I do as follow:

1. We don't have any active antenna or 2 network cards so we use Wireless
router which act as DHCP server for range.
2. On Schoolserver, I tried very hard to bind 'lanbond0' device with eth0
but I failed to do that, so I use a simple hack, I down all the Virtual
interfaces including 'lanbond0' and all mshbond and give ip address of
"lanbond0" i.e to eth0, which by default connect to all internal
services of school server.

3. Now I am able to ping from my XO to XS via Router.

4. In each XO i had change the server address located at XO--> Control
panel--> network-->Server:  < my server name/hostname>, also I change
/etc/hosts file entry to <my server hostname>, because I had not setup a DNS server yet.

5. I am able to ping using hostname of server and even able to register some
XO properly.
6. Some XO's failed to register so I upgrade the build OS to latest one 802,
after doing this some of get registered. But not all, some of the XO still
showing me a same problem after upgrading build OS.

What will be the reason for XO not registering to XS if it's ping properly,
talk to XS?
It's very important to register all the XO with XS because lot of services
like idmgr, backup XO and moodle will workout once it get registered with

Please provide me the solution for this.

Ganesh (Dragger)
Be a FOSSERS, use GNU/Linux
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