[Server-devel] Typical Workflow/Usage of Moodle?

Ben T benjtran at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 20:17:23 EDT 2010


I have a few machines ready for testing (p4 3ghz 1gb machine, olpc server
1ghz 1gb, FitPC 500mhz 512mb, FitPC2 1.1ghz 1gb) as well as a few JMeter
scripts such as: 1) user logs in, 2) access a course, 3) access a text
resource, 4) reply to a forum thread, and 5) take a quiz.

Can someone tell me what the typical workflow for a student is?  What do the
students in a classroom do in Moodle normally?  Is most of the traffic
consisted of accessing resources provided by the teacher, or discussions in
a forum, or taking a quiz?  Getting some sample courses that are used in the
field as well as a school schedule/syllabus would help us define some common
usage scenarios for testing.

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