[Server-devel] Configuring XS Server to work in an existing network

Ian Cunningham ian.cunningham at ntschools.net
Thu Jan 28 19:46:15 EST 2010

Hi from the Red Centre

I work for the Northern Territory Education Department in Alice Springs, Central Australia.
We have been trialling the XO laptops with our primary schools in an existing network infrastructure, where the main school server (Windows) supplies the dhcp, file sharing, printing and web proxy services.

The XS server works fine in a scenario where there is only one classroom and the wireless access points are connected to the eth1 interface of the XS server.
The problem arises when there are multiple classrooms connected by optical fibre and  there is the requirement to use only one XS server for the school.

What I would like to be able to do is register an XO to an XS server, via an access point connected to the school network.
The XO receiving its ip address from the Windows server and registering with the XS server which has a fixed ip address.

I realise that this is a deviation from the OLPC server development path, but hope that someone may have already been down this path.

Any assistance with a solution to this challenge will be greatly appreciated.



Ian Paul Cunningham
Project Officer
Northern Territory
Department of Education and Training

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