[Server-devel] Attempting to re-install jabber component of XS without re-installing the entire server

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 07:54:32 EDT 2009

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 12:37 PM, Daniel Bennett <dantana at gmail.com> wrote:
>>   rpm -V kernel
> dan: I got no news, so I guess it worked


> dan: I ran:
>  ejabberdctl connected-users
> It returns long output like (the random string here is made up by me):
> 34209381afaa07fa9dfsaf at schoolserver.lccnjimeta.org/Telepathy

That all sounds right. Some more useful commands

   # will show 'Online' exists
   $ejabberdctl srg-list-groups `hostname -f`
    # show the settings of the Online Shared Roster Group -
    $ ejabberdctl srg-get-info 'Online'  `hostname -f`
    name: "Online"
    displayed_groups: ["Online"]
    description: "Created_by_ejabberd_init"
    online_users: true

> So I definitely buy that some automagic is going on here.

Hey -- did you ever doubt it? :-)

> Is there perhaps
> documentation I can view that explains to me how to create different groups
> for different classes and generally manage things without the now obsolete
> web interface?
> (real world example: I would like to put all of my 5th graders in a group
> together, my 2nd graders in another, etc)  I might even want to change these
> on a regular basis.
> Is this all done through moodle perhaps?  Is there documentation I should be
> using for that?  If you could send me a link it would be much appreciated.

Yes, you can segregate what XOs see in the neighbourhood view by
moodle course membership. This is mainly useful when you have schools
with more than ~50 XOs.

Quick howto:

1 - Make sure you are using a recent Browse.xo (101 at least, I think)

2 - The first XO to register (reboot) and visit moodle successfully
gets some extra rights (is an 'admin' of sorts). So get an XO reg'd
and visiting Moodle -- it will auto-authenticate into Moodle. Should
see a 'site administration' block on the left.

3 - Create some courses (Site Administration->courses->Add/edit->Add
new), assign teachers and students. In the long and confusing "new
course" form, all you need to set is Full Name and Short Name. Please
ignore every other option.

Note: when it comes to enrolling, setup some courses for XOs you have
registered already -- this is mainly to have something to work with!
You can add more courses & enrolments later.

 Might help: http://docs.moodle.org/en/Enrolment#Manual_enrolment

4 - In 'Site Administration', go to Courses->Presence Service, and set
presencebycourse to Yes.

5 - Within 10 minutes, issuing the same ejabberdctl queries as above
should show that Online has been replaced by several SRGs -- one per
course. Asking for the 'info' of those, will show you their

6 - When you make the switch from one mode to the other on the XS
side, the situation will be confusing for the XOs, so they might need
to re-associate to the Access Point (so they re-query their group
membership) before they see the changes.

Note: All changes to the course membership take 5~10 minutes to appear
in ejabberd on the XOs, and some changes may also need an XO to
reassociate to the AP. Emphasis on 'some' :-)

> Dan: service pgsql-xs supports chkconfig, but is not reerenced in any
> runlevel (run 'chkconfig --add pgsql-xs')
> Should I run this as it says?

Yes! and then restart the server. Both pgsql-xs and moodle will start
up. On this first startup, moodle will perform its setup (so it'll
take a tad longer). You can see the log of the install in

> klogctl during boot returns 'invalid argument'


> mshbonds and wmeshs do not seem to be present


> could not connect to server postgres as well.

not normal but you'll have it fixed for the next reboot :-)

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