[Server-devel] eth1 problems

akleider at sonic.net akleider at sonic.net
Sat Oct 24 14:37:11 EDT 2009

I'd be gratefull if someone on the list could help me set up an XS using a

For reasons I can not understand, the eth1 is not recognized
although research suggests that the correct driver is there.
ie dmesg output includes
skge eth1: addr 00:26:5a:05:ac:31
bonding: lanbond0 is being created..
ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): lanbond0: link is not ready

during boot up the following flashes by:
Bringing up interface lanbond0: Device eth1 does not seem to be present.

On the same computer, if I use an Ubuntu live CD
with LAN connected to eth1, it picks up an IP address
without any difficulty. Its mac is 00:26:5a:ac:31.

Any help would be appreciated.
This may be a Fedora issue rather than XS but the configuration
of the XS is so modified that I can't find anything relevant to
Fedora that seems relevant.

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