[Server-devel] CCCS XS deployment

Jerry Vonau jvonau at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 12 01:53:23 EDT 2009

On Sun, 2009-10-11 at 19:50 -0500, Jerry Vonau wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-10-08 at 15:23 -0400, Josh Totoro wrote:


> > When I set up the first XS server back in march (0.5.1) there was a
> > lot more info on the Wiki about setting up multiple XS servers in one
> > network.  Does anyone have any of this info available still or does it
> > no longer apply?
> > 
> As network_config is used for the setup for the server's "role", only
> "role 1" provides internet access, and a large netblock on eth1, while
> role > 1 assumes that you have only one nic and are using "AA" to
> contact the XO's. So we are really in uncharted waters here..
> Think the easiest way would to have the wired lan on "role 1" handle
> less of the netblock and allocate the addresses across the "XS server
> farm" in the form of a new lanbond0 file that would take into account
> the fact that the role other that 1 should create the needed network
> configuration. I'm thinking a /23 for each XS's wired nic here. 
> Anybody running more that 500 clients off a single XS?
> Of course you would have to change the bind/dhcp config to match... 

Better plan, just make eth1,2,3 be slaves of mshbond0,1,2. on the
additional XSes, No need to change the network layout, ~500 clients per
nic. We just have to edit the ifcfg-ethX file and add MASTER=mshbondX

> Martin, what do you think? 

> > 
> > Should we set up all XS servers the same way and let them run
> > individually from each other? I am worried about conflicts with using
> > the same name schoolserver.cccs.org, should the next one be
> > schoolserver2.cccs.org or will that prevent things like ejabberd from
> > working.
> Until the above issue is addressed, that might get a bit out of hand
> with 2 lans sharing the same address space.

The issue now is that hostname is set to
in /etc/sysconfig/network which would apply to both XS servers. 

The quick workaround would be to use a subdomain for each XS when you
run domain_config, eg: lan1.cccs.org for the first XS, then change lan1
for the second XS.

> Just tossing around ideas...


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