[Server-devel] Sugar Stick Backup is working! - Now I want the student work on the server to be useful.

tkkang at nurturingasia.com tkkang at nurturingasia.com
Thu Oct 8 21:43:58 EDT 2009

Congtatulation...Nice feeling to see it working.

I now have my SoAS registered at the SS and I left it online for 2 hours..It is backing up my stuff automatically and across the globe.

Agree that the next step is how to make the information useful. As I look at the backup information I have problems figuring out what it is. A teacher would be overwhelmed if the child does not tag and document stuff well.

Looking forward to the next level of usage.

T.K. Kang

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>Subject: [Server-devel] Sugar Stick Backup is working! - Now I want the	student work on the server to be useful.
>We had 11 students using Sugar on a Stick and their sticks were backed up
>today at the GPA!  Yay!
>So now I have feedback on the Moodle UI.  I know we don't have a ton of
>people doing development work so we need to think about where to collect
>feedback if it cant be addressed in the immediate future.
>   - The files show up in "Backup" but I can't really do anything with them.
>    I want to be able to browse Student work from a WebUI some how.
>      - Maybe snapshots that I could view online like the previews in Sugar.
>      - Ability to see the Description and Tags data
>      - Ability to see all the past versions of this object (less
>      important).
>      - For Write documents and image files I'd like to be able to download
>      them to a nonSugar system and view them.
>      - As a teacher I'd like to be able to edit the description and tags
>      fields from Moodle and have it get synced back.
>   - I want to be able to work with the files inside of Moodle
>      - Collect them as assignments/homework in a class so as the teacher I
>      have all my students on a page with a file each.
>      - Blog about them. In my blog I'd like to be able to attach a file
>      from my backup.
>Basically the student work is there but its not in a very useful form for
>either the teacher to assess learning or to reflect on the effectiveness of
>the lesson or the students' needs.
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