[Server-devel] First semi-version of Simple Digital Library Index

Mike Dawson mikeofmanchester at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 08:58:19 EST 2009

SDLI can run two ways:

1. A content team uses the app as a normal desktop java app and exports it all

2. The content team just puts together the folder contents (e.g. PDFs,
media, etc) and then SDLI runs on the XS from the command line to
generate the browsing pages / indexes etc.

Also the XS can simply have an apache config that points to the
directory where the SDLI export lives... then plain vanilla apache can
serve it.

The problems that I wanted to solve were:

1. Making library creation fast and simple - existing systems just
needed too much time for meta data arrangement etc.

2.  In a limited connectivity environment how do we serve content
quickly and efficiently to schools?

Infoslicer grabs info.  SDLI arranges large quantities of information
in a way that can be browsed, searched, etc (e.g. you could use
infoslicer to grab multiple bits, categorize them, and then use SDLI
to make an index)

We use webdump (a open source app we programmed based on httrack) to
grab websites and package them into a format suitable for offline use.



2009/11/2 Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff at gmail.com>:
> On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 8:21 PM, Mike Dawson <mikeofmanchester at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Finally made a first version of Simple Digital Library Index that we
>> have designed here to make libraries easier in limited connectivity
>> scenarios:
> Good to hear it is progressing!
> How would the workflow be? I imagine something like...
> 1 - A content team puts together their own library based on SDLI. How
> does this work? Is SDLI running on a local server?
> 2 - The team "exports" their library... a version? snapshot? the items
> marked as QA'd?
> 3 - The exported library is installed / updated on the XS
> 4 - The XS serves it (maybe with added smarts such as a search
> system...)? The XS can embed it in Moodle courses?
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