[Server-devel] Apache proxy CRCsync & mozilla gsoc project?

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Tue Mar 31 18:48:24 EDT 2009

On Tuesday 31 March 2009 23:29:23 Martin Langhoff wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 8:26 PM, Toby Collett <thjc at plan9.net.nz> wrote:
> > There is no error checking in the encoding itself, this is assumed to be
> > taken care in other layers, and we through in a strong hash on the whole
> > file to make sure this is correct.
> Is that right? I thought what Rusty was saying re crcsync is that crc
> is strong, even when rolling?

Well, 'strong' here is relative.  In order to keep the checksum length finite and hence encode more blocks we only use a portion of the bits; it's a tradeoff.  And so an overall checksum is important, just to verify that the final result is correct.


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