[Server-devel] Regarding adding a moodle plugin

Carol Farlow Lerche cafl at msbit.com
Tue Mar 24 14:18:44 EDT 2009

There seems to be relevant functionality in Moodle already:  check this out:


2009/3/24 Vamsi Krishna Davuluri <vamsi.davuluri at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> I am trying to make a moodle plug-in which displays the web folder contents
> stored in the school server. That is the laptop's print their jobs to
> cups-pdf on the school server, and these files are to be viewed by a remote
> system on the network when a teacher logs in. And then to be printed to the
> actual network printer when the teacher hits approve
> The user will have a similar page, but only with jobs he has sent.
> Here's the probable solution I have come up with, and I would like advice
> and info where ever I am lacking.
> The teacher's job is easy, he will just have all the rights to the pdfs,
> and can view them (through  a http download from the server) delete them, or
> approve for printing to network printer.
> This can be implemented with simple php scripting, and as php has access to
> the shell, we can just write the script for it.
> There will also be a history/summary of transactions view.
> Now in the user's moodle status page, the students jobs alone, and a
> history of what happened to those jobs are displayed, and the feature to
> delete a teacher review pending job is also present.
> The implementation can be like this, I request the user's moodle login id
> during printer config, and append it to my output pdf file name, and display
> only the names associated with his login in his page.
> or) I send a string buffer along with the print job, along with also ip
> details. But more effectively is it possible to read from server's datastore
> passkeys, and taly that pass key with the user's laptop?
> Thank you!
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