[Server-devel] Wireless Cards in the School Server

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Mon Mar 9 12:54:27 EDT 2009

Unless your school is very small, using dedicated wireless interface  
in the server is probably not
a good idea.

We suggest dedicated access points as schools with more than 40 - 50  
students will need more
than one access point, and they are best spread out (i.e. not all the  
antennas are within three feet
of the school server.)

There is currently no effort in the XS configuration scripts to  
recognize and properly configure such
an interface.  That doesn't mean it won't "just work", and I'm sure  
it could be made to work with minimal

As Sameer said, let us know what you decide, and what works for you!


On Mar 8, 2009, at 2:41 PM, Xavier Ziemba wrote:

> I've been working on configuring an XS server for the Cambridge  
> Friends School in Massachusetts and have a couple of questions  
> regarding wireless networking and the XS server. Does the XS  
> software support automatic configuration of PCI wireless cards  
> within the server itself? The documentation on the OLPC wiki seems  
> to suggest that using separate wireless access points through a  
> wired interface is supported; would this be a better solution for  
> this deployment? Also, how would I go about configuring the  
> appropriate links between network interfaces if I used wireless  
> cards within the server?
> Thanks,
> Xavier Ziemba
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