[Server-devel] How to hack/test latest moodle code...

Rangan Srikhanta rangan at laptop.org.au
Thu Mar 5 23:53:39 EST 2009


Thank you, these instructions were just what I was looking for!

I have followed your instructions and noted the disappearance of the user
list page which appears just before moodle (which is a great thing), but am
now stuck on the moodle login page where it requests a username/password.
How do I start populating users or at least login to moodle (previously I
selected 'help me login')?

We are hoping to set-up a mock deployment over the next week at our office
using the following configuration:

Two Linksys WRT54GLs configured in WAP mode
One D-Link 5-port Switch
School Server - Compaq CQ2000AN with 1Gb Ram, 160GB SATA disk drive, Intel
Atom processor plus an Ethernet-to-USB adaptor (i.e. eth1), so this means
eth0 goes straight-through to the internet, eth1 to the switch.
180+ XO laptops

Areas we are looking to focus our testing:
1. Registering all XOs to School Server
2. Creating Lesson Plans and registering students to the course
3. Accessing flash based content in moodle and seeing the performance of the
4. Seeing the stability of the neighbourhood and friends view to allow group
chats and games to occur

At this stage we are attempting to strike the balance between the
practicalities of teachers creating and maintaining courses and helping them
achieve their curriculum outcomes. 

All the best,


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Hi Rangan,

you'll see I'm copying the server-devel list -- other people are
following similar steps, so let's have technical conversations via
this list, otherwise, my inbox explodes hopelessly :-)

On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 12:13 PM, Rangan Srikhanta <rangan at laptop.org.au>
> Thank you for your previous email outlining the new patch. We are still on
> 0.5.1 (maybe we need to be on 0.5.2) but did the following commands in the
> school server but to no avail.

With 0.5.1 you'll see some problems with ejabberd. I'd recommend

> git-clone git://dev.laptop.org/users/martin/moodle.git work
> cp unalias
> cp -rf ./work/* /moodle/

I'll give you these alternative instructions - all the steps below as
the root user...

1 - to be sure, perform the full install of the XS (in your notes it's
not clear whether you had configured domains, ejabberd, etc)

2 - start postgres - `chkconfig --add pgsql-xs ; /etc/init.d/pgsql-xs start

3 - install git `yum install git`

4 - To develop and play with moodle,

    cd /var/www/moodle
    mv web web-from-rpm
    git clone git-clone git://dev.laptop.org/users/martin/moodle.git web
    cp web-from-rpm/config.php web/config.php

now you should have a good moodle install. Also recommeded:

 - add these lines to config.php


  - keep a console where you tail the error logs - I setup an xterm
below my editor and browser windows, where I use the following

   tail -f /var/log/httpd/error_log  | perl -pe 's/\\n/\n/g'

> In the XO I upgraded the Browse version to the latest and it worked!

Right... you've tried to install the Browse.xo from git, which is a
bit of trouble because it's not fully compatible.

> Sudo yum install git
> git-clone git://dev.laptop.org/web-activity clone
> cp -rf ./clone/* /Activities/Browse.activity/

If you want to do it this way, I'd say, as user olpc, do

1 - sudo yum install git
2 - cd /home/olpc/Activities
3 - mv Browse.activity Browse.activity-original
4 - git-clone git://dev.laptop.org/web-activity Browse.activity
5 - cd Browse.activity
6 - git checkout -b sucrose-0.82 origin/sucrose-0.82
7 - from the home view, start Browse.

- steps 5 and 6 are because the 'master' development branch of Browse
doesn'twork on the 8.2.x OS. I know - awkward.

Anyway, my recommendatino is thatr you _don't_ do this either :-). On
the laptop side, just install the nicely packaged Browse-100.xo  from


> I am trying to get the seamless login working as I think that will be
> pivotal to our deployments in the next two weeks. Thank you for your
> patience.

Note that this is a development version! If it breaks... and it
probably will... you get to keep both parts.


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