[Server-devel] contact for stateside deployment Dev & Test?

steve berczik steveb009 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 16:50:41 EST 2009

  Being jobless I can only support your efforts in encouraging folks with
resources to take up the cause.
  One such cause I can see is for the School Server being pre-staged
by folks not very tech savvy BUT very much attuned to the countries in
which it will be installed.  I've been networking myself among such folks
at a large university based in NYC.  AND as our XO-1 user group has just
disbanded I'd like to approach this university for meeting space/work
to develop the rollout of your School Server.
  Is there someone at laptop.org to whom I could refer my contact(s) at
 this university for supporting such School Server work?  I realize you
don't know me BUT I do have experience in this type of work and can
fwd CV, resume, references and the first thing I ever Designed, Drew, Built
is pictured at,

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