[Server-devel] IP addressing of access points

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Wed Jan 28 08:08:12 EST 2009


We are considering our options for having fixed addresses for access
points on the network hosted by the XS. We would like to write some
scripts to monitor the access points (e.g. ping them to see if they
are alive) and so on. We will have several access points per XS in our

We have discussed 3 options, all of which require small changes to the XS:
1. Modify the XS dhcpd config to not use the entire address range for
DHCP. Then we statically assign IP addresses to the APs in the
non-DHCP range.
2. Put the APs on their own subnets and add a routing entry on the XS
(note that we have not tested if the APs will respond to IP-level
traffic from a foriegn subnet, I know that some do not)
3. Configure the APs to get IP addresses over DHCP, and add MAC-based
static reservations on the XS dhcp server.

Of the 3 options, we like (1) the best because of its simplicity. But
I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestions or better ideas?


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