[Server-devel] my installation notes

Rodolfo D. Arce S. rodolfoarce at eyuhoo.com
Wed Jan 28 08:00:11 EST 2009


While installing the XS 0.5.1 server, i found an of issue.

After running ./network_config and ./domain_config:

The squid proxy server didn't start.. I had to manually create the directory
/library/cache.. "chown" it and "chmod" it for the squid user.. and
re-create the cache

root at localhost # mkdir /library/cache
root at localhost # chown -R squid.squid /library/cache
root at localhost # chmod 750 -R  /library/cache
root at localhost # squid -f /etc/squid/squid-xs.conf -z

it still throws a lot of warning messages, but it starts and it works.
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