[Server-devel] Upgrade to 0.5.1

Reuben K. Caron reuben at laptop.org
Tue Jan 27 09:53:35 EST 2009

There seems to be a differing set of instructions on how to upgrade:

from the wiki:

"If you are upgrading from XS 0.4 or earlier, the process is similar to
a new installation, with some minor changes. In the menu shown right
after booting, you should choose the (preselected) 'Install with
kickstart' option, press the Tab key, and add 'upgradeany' to the boot
configuration line. After adding that line, press enter twice.
With this extra option, Anaconda will recognise the old installation and
will offer to upgrade."

the second from server-devel:


"Just to make this clear, for the upgrade to work you need to select one
of the top two options, hit tab and then append "upgradeany". The
default selection has the ks.cfg file which prevent the upgrade choice
from appearing as an option in anaconda. (thinks it's the partitioning
info being present)"

Passing upgradeany to the kickstart option does not work. Passing
upgradeany to the top two options does work.

Two questions:

1. Which should be used.
2. If you pass upgradeany to one of the top two options that does not
use the kickstart, do you lose any functionalality?


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