[Server-devel] updates

Jerry Vonau jvonau at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 25 12:19:05 EST 2009

Hi Martin:

latest re-roll of anaconda, srpms, rpms and patch used, updated
mkusbinstall for the XO at:  


- finds kickstart file without asking where it is...

- loader doesn't copy stage2 to RAM

- fix compile error re: MD_NEW_SIZE_BLOCKS(size)

- added support for method=hd:LABEL=XSRepo at the boot prompt
This allows us not to ask where the install media if the usbdrive is
labeled as XSRepo and passed the above string. 

 - added support for mmc cards (for the XO) in loader. This is
incomplete, loader now finds the CF card on the XO but is unavailable to
partition and thus install to it. F10 has the same behavior, I filed BZ#
481441. Hope they fix the issue before I have to dig it up.... 

- updated mkusbinstall added the labeling of the usbdrive for the above
method and creation of /boot/olpc.fth for the XO. 




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