[Server-devel] Testing XS 0.5.1 Beta

Dave Bauer dave at solutiongrove.com
Thu Jan 22 14:23:01 EST 2009

I installed a new XS 0.5.1 and it seems to be working as expected.

I can connect properly to the XS from sugar installed on F10 from the sugar

I can not connect from my XO laptop. olpc-netstatus shows I am connected to
the jabber server, but it does not show anyone in the network view.
I enabled debugging and I can see it shows that it finds the other sugar
instance connected to the jabber server, but the logs show that the f10
sugar disconnected. I can see that both are still connected according to the
ejabberd admin web pages.

Note that on F10 with sugar I can see the XO laptop.

Looks like the XO itself has some problem with the presence service.

Where should I look to debug this further?

Dave Bauer
dave at solutiongrove.com
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