[Server-devel] Pushing Activities to XOs

David Leeming david at leeming-consulting.com
Mon Dec 21 00:50:36 EST 2009

Also, is it now, or will it be, possible to have activities updated
automatically by the server? 


I am noting some oddities with software updating and also inconsistencies
with the OLPC and Sugar sites. Some (the C1s) XOs report all well - no need
to update. Some (the B4s) report a long list of updates needed. But they
have exactly the same versions of activities loaded. I go to the OLPC wiki
activities page and the latest version download links are not being updated
by the look of it.


Anyway the problem remains, you have 100+ XOs in a school. How do we update
them all short of having an upgrade flash-drive party? 


David Leeming

Solomon Islands Rural Link 



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Hello all.

I have about 140 XOs connecting to a XS server (version .6).
Can I "push" activities to the laptops?
If so, how?


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