[Server-devel] Ejabberd CPU/RAM Spike -> Crashes

Devon Connolly devcon at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 13:32:44 EST 2009

>  - Is there any disk anomaly? (Reboot forcing a fsck?)

Not that I've noticed.

>  - Is there any problem in the binaries? If you run rpm with the
> 'verify' options, it'll check that no binaries have been corrupted
> on-disk... It's normal to see some config files changed, but no
> binaries should be different from the rpms.

Verify checked out on the ejabberd-xs package.

There isn't much sense in reposting the results of the script, as the  
results are essentially the same.  As ejabberd is crashing, I cannot kill  
it to reapply the domain change.  I can set you up an ssh account so you  
can get a look at what is going on.  Perhaps you will see something I am  
overlooking.  Let me know and I will send you the info.

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