[Server-devel] DanGuardian and XS Plans

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Mon Oct 6 11:17:42 EDT 2008

On Oct 6, 2008, at 10:43 AM, Greg Smith wrote:

> Hi Bryan, Martin et al,
> Good input on content filtering, thanks.

    In existing deployments (not trials) content filtering
is being done upstream in the internet connection.

Content filtering is a very sensitive subject, and any
offering made by OLPC should make it VERY CLEAR
that the country is responsible for the filtering -- both
the initial setup and maintaining the filter.

I'm very worried that a deployment would just "turn on"
DansGuardian without making sure that the filtering met
local requirements, if it is provided in the build.
Installing DansGuardian onto XS-0.4 shouldn't be difficult.
As mentioned before, the difficult part is configuring the filter.

Squid has been supported since build 161, long before
Martin started wholesale improvements.    Easier to install ?
Right now you have to type one command line:
to permanently enable Squid.   This was done simply
because not all installation will want it.


> Here's my take on the current state of affairs:
> 1 - We have a release called 0.5 which is almost done and should be
> available in October. It does not include DanGuardian. The  
> following URL
> lists the work that is in or close to in:
> https://dev.laptop.org/query?group=status&milestone=xs-0.5
> Hopefully we can write a nice release note for it shortly, giving a
> better explanation of the new features.
> 2 - We can consider DansGuardian for 0.6 but there is not a firm date
> for 0.6 at this time. Looks like we have agreement on the need for a
> Content Filtering solution but not quite locked down on which one.
> I will work with Martin to try and get it on the roadmap. That said,
> looking at your deployment dates, you should plan on taking 0.5 and
> setting up the content filtering yourself.
> One question for Martin,
> Is Squid in and supported? Will it be configured/configurable and  
> easier
> to install in the 0.5 release?
> I think I have asked that before and I'm pretty sure that the  
> answer is
> Yes Squid is part of the XS image. Just double checking and seeing  
> if we
> have made it any easier to configure.
> Thanks for the details on your plans from Tony and Bryan. Let me  
> know if
> you have any other questions or need any more info. If Nepal can be a
> lead user for XS 0.5 that will help us burn it in for use in  
> Birmingham
> and Paraguay and elsewhere.
> Thanks,
> Greg S
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