[Server-devel] The road towards xs-0.3 - update (Martin Langhoff)

Greg Smith (gregmsmi) gregmsmi at cisco.com
Tue May 27 09:47:53 EDT 2008

Hi Martin,

Looks great overall, thanks! 

Very sorry to hear about your crash. Not sure how to say this
diplomatically so I'll just put it in plain text: I'm really glad you're
still alive!

BTW In my experience, a serious car crash takes a while to assimilate
psychologically. Give yourself some time.

On the school server plan, keep us posted on identity scheme. I'm moving
ahead with EduBlog project. One intern (Tarun) is on board and a
probably a few volunteer programmers in Montevideo. I hope we can send
much more details on the design proposal and get your comment and buy in
soon. Current thinking (Spanish and English below) is at:

Comments and questions welcome.

We want to tie in to whatever ID tools are available. We thought about
cookies but it will be much elegant and scalable if a web server can
read a HW ID and look it up in a DB to know who the user is.

I'm interested to know what other web apps are in development and what
the right paradigm for web app integration. Any pointers welcome. 

More details on EduBlog to follow in June. Hopefully we will have a
short, intense discussion on the preferred web app on XS software design
on this list. For EduBlog it has to be over by mid-June because we need
to complete any programming before the end of July.

I'll also try to line up people to help build, test or add to what you
think is important on the XS. Not sure about the capacity of volunteers,
but let us know where you think people can chip in and we'll see.

BTW the teachers in Peru have been running their own internet based
Moodle collaboration environment since 2006! I'm coming around to the
idea that Moodle is central to the whole XS set of capabilities :-)


Greg S

Martin wrote:
 - I want to define an ID mgmt scheme to identify users to webapps on
the XO asap. This is the one main issue stalling webapp
development/customisation for the XS.

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