[Server-devel] Permissions in /sys/class/net/msh0

Anna aschoolf at gmail.com
Thu May 15 22:20:27 EDT 2008

Thank you for the quick response, wad.  I should have emailed earlier 
instead of wasting all this time.  At least I've learned more about the 
networking setup.

> wad:
> What was the error when installing 163 ?   We want to know about these 
> things!
163 installed just great at Glen Iris, actually.  The issue was with my 
test platform (aka Frankenserver) here at my house.  It's a 1999 Dell:  
1 Ghz & 256 MB of RAM.  Far from ideal specs.  It does run a public 
jabber server reasonably well, though, so I can't complain too much.  
When I tried to install 163 on it, I got the usual I/O errors, but also 
Squashfs errors.  Not a good sign.  When the install finally ran, it 
dropped out of the status screen after a few minutes and started 
scrolling Cyrillic characters.  I let that run for a couple of hours to 
see what would happen, then finally lost hope and shut it down.  When I 
rebooted, it went straight to a grub prompt.  I went ahead and put 161 
back on, cause I do have a few loyal users on my jabber server and I 
didn't want to disappoint them.  If anyone wants to join in, send me an 
email directly and I'll give you the IP.

> wad:
> I don't think there is any way currently to run a (pseudo) 802.11s 
> mesh with
> OTS 802.11b/g hardware at this time, although the Open802.11s project is
> working on that.   If you have OTS APs, just hook them up to the 
> second NIC
> and let the laptops connect that way.
And here I was being so hopeful!  The XO even sees an "Unknown Mesh" 
while it's searching for mesh portals, so I thought I was close.  I have 
a regular AP on eth1 and the XO connects to that just fine.  However, I 
can't do backups to the server, which is what I wanted to test.  It's my 
understanding that the XO wants to be connected to a School Mesh Portal 
Point to give the user the option for backup to the server from the 
Journal.  If there's another way to accomplish that, please let me know.

I'll send the request for the Active Antenna.  Maybe we can have a 
special area in the school where users can connect to the schoolserver 
mesh and do their backup tasks there.


Anna Schoolfield

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