[Server-devel] Fwd: Installing 1.63

Berkowitz Andrew (Project Connect) ABerkowitz at schools.nyc.gov
Thu May 15 06:39:27 EDT 2008

Yes, I was prompted for the language and time zone via a blue background
text-mode UI. 

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On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 8:19 AM, Berkowitz Andrew (Project Connect)
<ABerkowitz at schools.nyc.gov> wrote:
>   I didn't realize that olpc-install would run automatically.
>  The wiki instructions explicitly say that it needs to be run at the  
> command prompt.
>  Maybe we should fix the wiki.

I think the issue here is that we've stopped making non-auto images.

Earlier images were done twice, auto and interactive. Now we are only
doing autoinstaller images. Did the install process trigger in yours?
(You get a blue-background text-mode UI, taht starts asking about
language and tz...)


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