[Server-devel] Fwd: Installing 1.63

Berkowitz Andrew (Project Connect) ABerkowitz at schools.nyc.gov
Wed May 14 16:19:05 EDT 2008

 I didn't realize that olpc-install would run automatically. 

The wiki instructions explicitly say that it needs to be run at the
command prompt.

Maybe we should fix the wiki.

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2008/5/15 Berkowitz Andrew (Project Connect)
<ABerkowitz at schools.nyc.gov>:
> I am having another installation problem with 1.63. After typing 
> ./olpc-install, I receive:

That is odd. 163 is an auto-installer, and it seems to be working
correctly here. Can you check that your image is in good condition?

> FATAL: Module md not found.

Not certain about the md module (we are not doing RAID by default, but
we should have it there)

> Probing for video card: ATI Technologies Inc Rage XL graphical 
> installation not available... starting text mode

The above is normal.

> The last line I receive is:
> usage: /usr/sbin/setenforce [ Enforcing | Permissive | 1 | 0 ]

That is SELinux stuff, which we are not using.

> After typing ./olpc-install, I was not prompted for any information.

olpc-install should be triggered automatically. Something must have gone
wrong during init - can you check that your image is in good condition,
and attach /var/log/messages , /var/log/anaconda.log and


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